Thursday, February 24, 2011

Attack of the kitchen gadgets

So, I'm a little excited about my first ever giveaway coming up soon! Stay tuned for a review of something kitchen-y from CSN stores, and for your chance to do a little shopping there yourself. CSN sells just about everything, from flooring to wood swing sets to book racks (love!) to decor to of course, kitchen stuff.

About that kitchen stuff. I'm all for appliances that make my life easier and meal prep faster in the kitchen. But sometimes I feel like there are so many "useful" gadgets that if I got them all they would quickly take over my house. Space is at a premium in my kitchen. If I'm going to be an appliance that only has one function, it better be either small, or so convenient that I just can't do without it. Thus I don't have a salsa maker, a fondue pot, or a hot dog toaster (ha!).

I am very fond of certain appliances. I use my bread maker constantly. My cooking world opened up so much when I finally bought a food processor. My blender gets a lot of use too, as does my rice maker. (I know it's easy enough to cook rice on the stove, but I just love the "push a button and forget about it" approach.)

Currently on my wish list? A new wheat grinder; I have an old stone grinder but would like to upgrade to something smaller and more convenient eventually--maybe this one? And also, a new Bosch mixer. Mr. J, in two strokes of thrift-store good luck, actually purchased our wheat grinder and our Bosch mixer secondhand. I loved the Bosch while it lasted--I used to make huge batches of cookie dough in it.

Also, I'm really debating the usefulness of a tortilla press. On the one hand, it looks a little bulky and it only has one function. Plus, I wonder how well they really work? On the other hand, I made tortillas last night and it really is a very manual, time-consuming process. A press might be worth it.

I think I'll do a little more kitchen gadget window shopping!

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