Saturday, April 2, 2011

Giveaway Winner!

I used to generate the winning number for the giveaway. The winner is ....

#4 Lovely Domestic Diva! She said:
Our favorite simple meal is a big salad with all sorts of chopped veggies and diced leftover chicken or boiled egg or nuts for protein. No cook, yummy, and my little one loves it (especially if he can pick the veggies).

Frittatas [baked omelets -- so there's no flipping] are another favorite.

Those are both great ideas! Thanks Lovely Domestic Diva! I will email you your gift code for CSN stores right away.

And thanks everyone else who contributed. Since Mr. J is starting his new job down south soon, and I'll be single-parenting for a little while until school gets out and we can join him, I'm going to need lots of easy meals to throw together. No slaving away on anything complicated ... the kids usually appreciate simple foods more anyway. I'll probably do a post soon with all of my (and your) simple kid-friendly ideas so I can have them in one place.

Meanwhile, I do have one extra special meal in mind that I'm going to cook for Mr. J before he moves. So stay tuned for that!